Zoey's AMAZING work experience at The Talent Locker

The Talent Locker are always keen to build connections in our local Hampshire community, by supporting important causes and collaborating to drive positive change (more on that here).

As a recruitment agency we have a special interest in finding talent and helping people progress in their careers. So, we are delighted to have been joined by a local student for the past week - to teach her all about the world of work!

Our 'Junior Delivery Consultant' Zoey has been a fabulous asset over the past few days - organising our database, working through multiple training videos, shadowing our Consultants to learn about their roles, and importantly, making 5* cups of tea.

 Zoey shared her experience working with us in the blog post below: 

All about Zoey!

I like to sing.

I also absolutely love musical theatre. My favourite musical theatre play is Mamma Mia at the moment .

I also play rugby where I play second row on my team; second row are “the Powerhouses” of the team.

My favourite subjects at school are history and drama. I enjoy history because I find it interesting and I like drama because you can act as whoever you want.

Zoey rugby

Why did you choose Talent Locker for your work experience?

I chose Talent Locker because it appealed to me and because my mum thought it looked interesting and I agreed.

What are the best bits about working at Talent Locker?

One of the best things about doing my work experience here is that I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone because they are all really funny and nice people. The atmosphere here is very relaxed and friendly.

Kay bday meal Zoey work experience 2

What have you learnt during your time here?

I’ve learnt to code and tag candidates by looking at their CV’s and going through them looking at their jobs. It has being really fun to do and interesting.

I now know how to use websites such as LinkedIn which is like a more professional version of Facebook and Twitter combined. I also know how to use Vincere to find candidates for jobs.

Candidates are people who can fill a role or are looking for a job. Clients are the ones who are looking for people to fill roles in their companies.

Candidates will have a CV which you go through to look at their skills and their previous roles. Clients will either hire people on a contract or a permanent job. Permanent jobs mean that you will work there and you will stay there until you either retire, get fired or resign. Whereas in a contract job you will only be there for a certain amount of time and you are likely to only be their for a single project.

Did you find anything challenging? If yes, how did you overcome it?

I have found it challenging learning about databases, candidates, clients and keywords. The databases are quite intriguing on how they file clients and candidates and you can search for specific people by using keywords and if you use a code it makes it quicker.