Should I become: A moves and changes consultant?

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Moves and changes consultants are part of a vibrant commercial property market. With every technological advance, the industry needs to be ready for change. Clients need Moves and Changes (MAC leads) to implement new ideas and technology.

Moves and Changes Leads: The Basics

Moves and changes consultants need a broad range of skills to be effective. Most roles will involve people management, IT and property move management. MAC leads are likely to have worked in all three areas in previous projects.

They will need a strategic understanding of company requirements across the board. Along with the ability to plan space solutions that match them. This is why a large number of MAC leads have previous experience as business consultants.

A strong candidate will have experience working with stakeholders and especially suppliers. It is more than simply managing the relationship though. As they will need the logistical skills to ensure that there are no major issues during the changes.

Are you the kind of person that enjoys:

  • client relationships?
  • stakeholder management?
  • managing conflicting needs?

This could suggest that this is the type of position you might enjoy.

If you've gotten this far, it's time to take a deeper dive into moves and changes. There are two aspects that we'll look into. Each requiring different skills sets and experience. Which will determine whether this career choice would work for you.


LogisticsMoves management covers responsibility for the entire moving process. You will work closely with management teams to identify and prevent problems. The entire process is then tailored to the client’s needs. You must ensure that the company can continue to operate during the transition. Achieving this whilst staying on budget can represent a significant challenge.

You will need to ensure that departments continue to operate as normal. Which is only possible if you can liaise with key stakeholders at all levels and manage the changes. Engaging with third parties during the process will also be essential.

You will need to work closely with shipping and transport agents. Since your demands of them will have changed. This kind of activity enables the business to continue to operate at full strength. By pre-empting any failure and operational or reputational damage.

It is important to recognise that you'll be working in a key management position. With influence both inside and outside the company. You will need to maintain and establish good relationships between the key stakeholders.

A final note on moves. If the move involves cross-border issues you'll need to prepare for it. You'll need to work alongside export agents to ensure that documentation is in order. This may also mean communicating with global suppliers and external agents. Making it important to understand their local requirements too.


Change relates to initiatives which impact directly on existing and future projects. You will influence employee adoption and use of new systems. Ensuring that they come online on time and within budget.

You will need to work with human resources and ensure that you explain why changes are taking place. It is important to recognise and then communicate the impact that the changes will have. Especially when it comes to technology and inter-departmental communication.

Facilitating change without compromising efficiency is the aim. To do this, you will need to maximise employee adoption whilst minimising resistance. As a MAC leader you will also need to recognise any other risks and removing them at source. Which in turn will allow the project to go ahead on time and on budget.

Although you may not have the final say, you will be working with the leadership team. Meaning you will be charged with ensuring that the changes are successful. So you'll need to be confident in speaking to senior managers if you want to be a successful MAC lead. As this will allow you to influence decision makers throughout the organisation. Which will be powerful when you need them to help you enact the necessary changes.

As part of your work. You will need to help project teams convert new activities into their daily lives. For many teams, this will mean the creation and analysing of reports to provide a plan of action. By helping them in this way, you will be able to influence them to ensure that your changes stick.

Becoming a moves and changes manager

Your communication skills are critical to both the move and change aspects of the MAC leader’s role. If you want to be successful, you'll need to influence and engage people in change programs. Programs that may have already come up against resistence in the company.

It is important to develop an in-depth understanding of the business and its culture. This will help you to ensure that the transition phase is smooth. Allowing you to make changes that are then integrated into their daily work.

A MAC leader will need to call upon an array of skills. Covering:

  • people management;
  • an understanding of the efficient use of space;
  • a grasp of the latest technological developments in the relevant sector;
  • a knowledge of logistics and office space planning.

If you have those skills, there are opportunities for an excellent career. Maybe it's time to consider a moves and changes role? Check out our latest vacancies for more info.