Wafa Shaikh

Wafa Shaikh

Research Analyst

Wafa joined the Talent Locker team in November 2022 and is an excellent addition to the research team. Based in Mumbai, Wafa works behind the scenes cleansing data and mapping the market.

Some Fun Facts about Wafa are:

  • The amount of prepping she has done for the end of the world is unimaginable
  • Her biggest fear is getting stuck in an elevator
  • She loves to sketch
  • She could have pasta every day for the rest of her life
  • She HATES travelling

Wafa supports the Talent Locker team through various research activities including long listing candidates for specific roles, market Mapping for specific sectors, developing organisational charts, and data work on the CRM system, including coding, tagging etc.

In her role, Wafa uses tools such as:

  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Vincere