George Barron

George Barron

George joined Talent Locker in 2022 after working as a Personal Trainer at a local gym. This is where he met our own James Saunders, who liked George so much that he took him under his wing as a Workplace Resourcer. George places candidates in the Workplace Change sector.  


So you can get to know George like we do, we asked him for 5 random facts:

⬆️ In his previous PT role, George was quickly promoted to become a Cover Duty Manager at the site

🏋️‍♂️ George can bench press over 100kg

⚽ He's a massive football fan

🧗‍♂️ George is not only a gym nut but also enjoys rock climbing in his free time

🏍️👶 George loves cars and motorbikes and learnt to ride a motorbike at only 11 years old when he was in Year 6!

If you’re seeking your next role or need support in finding outstanding candidates to help you with your vacancy, contact George today.

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