How to secure the ideal candidate

Successful interview

One of the worst things to happen when recruiting is the perfect candidate pulling out at the last minute. It’s absolutely gutting – especially after spending so many hours building that relationship!

While to many employers this can seem completely out of the blue, there are actually many ways to prevent this from happening. We spoke to our Delivery Consultant, Vikki Nutbeen for her tips on how you can try and keep hold of your prize candidate.

Speedy turnaround on interviews

One of the most important factors in candidate retention is keeping the interview process clear and concise - and making that final decision ASAP.

In these days of virtual interviews, candidates could speak with as many as 5 different organisations in a day. While you’re deliberating another hiring manager is deciding – and just like that your interviewees are snatched up!

It’s a delicate balance between rushing a decision and missing the boat. So, my advice would be to go into the interview stage with a clear idea of what you want from a candidate, including what you’re willing to compromise on, and what you absolutely cannot go without.

That way you’ll know who ticks your boxes and the offer can be made much more quickly!

Be open minded on skills over experience

Often, employers are looking for what us recruiters call a ‘unicorn’. Unfortunately (and just like unicorns) the perfect candidate doesn’t exist, so it’s best to consider what it is you actually want from your future employee.

One good way to source from a bigger talent pool is to prioritise skills over experience. Keep an open mind towards those fresh from university, or individuals looking to join a new industry.

In my experience it’s much easier to train someone up in a new specialism than it is to make someone hard working or a team player.

Do your research on average salary and be clear on the offer in the Job Description

Salary remains top of people’s priorities when looking for a new role. As we move through a cost of living crisis, it doesn’t seem as though this is going to change anytime soon either!

By doing your research into the average salary of the position you’re hiring for, you’ll know how realistic your expectations are. For your reference and as a starting point, Talent Locker has created a few different salary guides across the Workplace, Business Change, and Microsoft Dynamics sectors.

In addition, being upfront and honest about the salary you’re willing to offer is a quick way to ‘cut the fat’ of candidates who want more than what you’re giving.

There’s absolutely no point in getting your hopes up on a highly skilled candidates who ticks all your boxes but is expecting a salary you cannot provide. It’s a waste of everyone’s time AND during that time you may have missed out on a much more suitable candidate!

 Does your organisation offer any additional benefits? Advertise these!

While salary is still the most important factor to candidates, other benefits like flexible or remote working are also increasingly popular.

Just recently AirBnB announced their decision to let their employees live and work anywhere – resulting in 800,000 visits to their career site! If this doesn’t demonstrate the importance of advertising your company benefits I don’t know what will!

In addition to flexible and remote working policies, make sure you highlight car allowances, insurance policies, bonuses, and gym memberships or any other corporate perks.

While these likely won’t be the main reason a candidate chooses you, they would definitely sweeten the deal when compared to one of your competitors!

Hopefully you find some of these tips helpful. I’m always open to new connections, so if you’re looking for support in your recruitment strategy please get in touch.

Vikki Nutbeen

Vikki Nutbeen, Delivery Consultant